Export Products


DSM Trading Company S.A. works with some companies that are exclusive customers. They are high quality products are exported to Europe, Japan and Asia. These include:

Juices and pulps Brazilian Fruit - IZZY and MONTE SUCOS


Sucos e polpas de frutas

The IZZY and MONTE SUCOS brands are national benchmark in quality and tradition in the juice market. Both work with the very best in raw material for the extraction of juices, pulps and essential oils of Brazilian fruit.


IZZY The brand has been operating for over 30 years in the juice market. Their business philosophy is to print the highest quality every step of the production process. This behavior is observed from the careful selection of fruit used in the preparation of its products, through the training of the professionals involved, to the high technology used in equipment, packaging and distribution.

IZZY Products: http://www.izzy.com.br





The brand MONTE SUCOS has a company located in a strategic region of Rio Grande do Sul with plenty of citrus fruits. This region is close to the Serra Gaucha that is recognized by the local production of domestic grapes. All products JUICE MONTE have high quality from the raw material that is selected carefully, to distribution, packaging and logistics. Besides the production of juices and concentrates, the company extracts essential oils from fruits, which are intended to perfume and national and international cosmetics.


MONTE SUCOS Products: http://www.montesucos.com.br